IRS Form 7004 for Business Tax Extension

Business Tax Extension Form 7004 is due on Monday, April 15, 2019. File Now!

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  • Get an automatic 7 month extension to file your business taxes.
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The purpose of IRS Form 7004

IRS Form 7004 is the application used for an automatic extension of time to file certain business's income tax, Information, and other returns. The deadline to submit Business Tax Extension Form 7004 is March 15th, 2018.

The IRS only approves Form 7004 extension requests when you:

  • Correctly fill out and complete IRS Form 7004.
  • Transmit your Form 7004 to the IRS by the original deadline.
  • Make a proper estimate of the tax owed, if applicable.
  • Pay any estimated taxes that are due, if applicable.

There are 33 different IRS returns that can have their filing deadlines extended by properly submitting extension Form 7004. The IRS typically grants automatic extensions up to 7 months depending on the business type and tax year.

Please Note: IRS Form 7004 doesn't extend the time of payment for taxes. The IRS requires you to make any tax payments before the original deadline of your tax return. Don't let the deadline sneak up on you. E-file your extension today!

Automatic extension of up to 7 months for C-Corporations

To request an automatic extension of up to 7 months indicate which form you're applying an extension for by entering the applicable form code on the appropriate line. Important: Only enter one form code. If you enter your form code on one line, do not enter the form code on any other line.

Businesses with tax years ending on December 31st or July 2 are eligible for a 6 or 7-month extension, depending on when their tax year ends.

For the following forms you can only obtain a 6-month extension with Form 7004 if the tax year ends during any other period besides July 2 and December 31st:

Note: If an association is electing to file Form 1120-H, the U.S. income tax return for homeowners associations, it should file for the extension with Form 7004 using the original form type assigned to the entity.

See instructions for Form 1120-H.

The following tax returns qualify for an automatic 6-month extension with IRS Form 7004:

The following Certain Trust and Entities qualify for an automatic 5 1/2 -month extension: