Does the District of Columbia require you to file a business tax extension?


Yes. You must use the District of Columbia Form FR-128. This form is required even if you have filed with the federal government. The District of Columbia doesn’t accept a federal tax extension.

You can apply for a DC tax extension by filing Form FR-128 by the original deadline of your return.

Note: The District of Columbia does NOT accept the Federal tax extension of time to file. You must use District of Columbia Form FR-128.

Which business tax forms are required by the District of Columbia ?


A 6-month extension of time to file will be allowed if you complete this form properly, file it on time and PAY the full amount of any tax due shown on Line 5 Worksheet. When you file your return (D-20/D-30/D-65), attach a copy of the FR-128 which you filed. A separate extension request must be filed for each return. Blanket requests for extensions will not be accepted.

What is the deadline to file business tax forms with the District of Columbia?


The deadline to file business taxes is April 15th 2020 for filers that operate on a calendar year. Filers that operate on a fiscal year must file on the 15th day of the 4th month following the end of their taxable year.

What is the extended deadline for business taxes in the District of Columbia?


The District of Columbia extension offers an additional 6 months tax extension, which moves the filing deadline to September 15 (for calendar year taxpayers).

What payment options does the District of Columbia offer?


If you owe DC tax, it must be paid by the original due date to avoid penalties and interest. You can include your extension payment with Form FR-128, or you can pay electronically via the “eTaxpayer Service Center” (eTSC). An extension of time to file is not an extension of time to pay.

If your liability exceeds $10,000 in any month, you must file and pay electronically. For electronic filers, in order to comply with new banking rules, you will be asked the question "Will the funds for this payment come from an account outside of the United States".

If the answer is yes, you will be required to pay by check or credit card. Please notify this agency if your response changes in the future. If your payment is rejected, you may be subject to the District's dishonored check fee and additional penalties and interest.

Where do I mail the District of Columbia Form FR-128?


Mail District of Columbia Form FR-128 with payment to the following address:

Office of Tax and Revenue,
PO Box 7792,
Washington, DC 20044-7792.

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