Why should you E-file 1099 & ACA 1095 Extension Form 8809
with ExpressExtension?

IRS Authorized Provider

IRS Authorized E-File Provider

ExpressExtension is one of the best IRS Authorized e-file providers in the US trusted by most of the businesses to file tax extension forms.

Automatic Extension

Automatic Extension

IRS Form 8809 grants you an automatic 30-day extension without requiring any explanation why you chose to file an extension.

Apply extension in Minutes

E-File 8809 in minutes

You can file 8809 in minutes through our step-by-step instructions and easy navigation.

File from any Device

File from any Device

You can file Form 8809 conveniently from any device at any time and anywhere.

Instant IRS Approval

Instant IRS Approval

Once you transmit Form 8809 to the IRS, you will get Instant IRS status.

Instant Email/Text Notification

Instant Filing Notification

Our Software will notify you about the Filing status via email. You can also opt for text & Fax alerts.

Re-transmit Rejected Returns for Free

Free Re-transmission of rejected returns

If the IRS rejects your extension for any reason, we will help you fix and re-transmit it for free.

Exclusively for Tax Professionals

Exclusively for Tax Professionals

To help tax professionals, we have a secure bulk upload feature that allows you to bulk upload your clients’ data. We also offer discount pricing and prepaid credit options based on the no .of extension you file.

IRS Form 8809 E-File Requirements:

For Filing Informational Tax Extension Form 8809, you'll need,

  • Tax Payer details such as Name, TIN, Address
  • Tax Form for which you are looking to apply for an extension
Form 8809

Frequently asked questions on Extension Form 8809

What is IRS Form 8809?

IRS Form 8809 - known as "Application for Extension of Time To File an Information Tax Return" - automatically grants a 30-day extension for individuals, insurers, self-insuring employers, other coverage providers, and applicable large employers to file federal tax returns.

What Forms can be Extended with 8809

Businesses can get the 30-day Extension using 8809 for the following Forms-

W-2 5498 8027
1097, 1098, 1099, 3921, 3922, W-2G 5498-ESA 1094-C, 1095-C
1099-NEC 5498-QA 1095-B
1042-S 5498-SA 1099-QA
Note: Extension requests for Forms 1099-NEC, 1099-QA, 5498-QA, and W-2 is not-automatic, it must be submitted on paper.

When is the deadline to file Form 8809?

The due dates to file tax extension Form 8809 are mentioned below.

Forms If filing by paper, then the due date to file 8809 is If filing Electronically, then the due date to file 8809 is
W-2 January 31 January 31
W-2G February 28 March 31
1042-S March 15 March 15
1094-C February 28 March 31
1095 February 28 March 31
1097, 1098, 1099 February 28 March 31
1099-NEC January 31 January 31
3921, 3922 February 28 March 31
5498 May 31 May 31
8027 February 28 March 31

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E-file IRS Form 8809 Now and Get 30 Days Extension for
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