Business Extension

Business Extension
Form 7004

E-file Form 7004 with ExpressExtension in just a few minutes for a tax extension of up to 6 months!

Business Extension

Personal Extension
Form 4868

Quickly and easily extend your personal filing deadline to October 17th by filing Form 4868 today.

Business Extension

Exempt Organization
Form 8868

E-file Parts I & II of Form 8868 securely with ExpressExtension to get 3-6 more months to file.

Business Extension

1099 / W-2 / ACA Extension
Form 8809

E-File with ExpressExtension for a 30-Days time to file your 1099s, W-2s, ACA & other information returns.

Why Is ExpressExtension the Market Leader?

Instant Approval

ExpressExtension is the #1 solution to e-file your personal, business, or exempt organization extensions. Just enter your contact information, taxes owed (if any), review, and transmit to the IRS. No waiting in long lines, no inconvenient paper filing: in just a few clicks, your deadline can be extended by up to 6 months. It’s that simple, and you’ll get an approval notice almost instantly!

Get an Automatic Extension of up to 6 months

While the IRS deadlines are firm, sometimes things come up and it’d really help to have more time to file your returns. A tax extension is the perfect solution to extend your deadline by up to 6 months. E-filing a tax extension with ExpressExtension is simple, secure, and automatic. Don’t let the stress of IRS deadlines get you down: extend your deadline with today!

Safe, Secure, Complete

It’s understandable to be wary of submitting secure information through the internet. At ExpressExtension, we’ve done everything we can to make sure you’re protected. We’re an IRS-Authorized e-File provider, and our site is encrypted, Comodo HackerSafe certified and protected by SSL/TLS AES 256 bit Encryption. At ExpressExtension, your information is never shared with anyone except the IRS.

Automatic IRS Tax Extension using Form 7004, 4868, 8868 and 8809

Need more time to prepare and file your federal tax return? ExpressExtension provides information on how to apply for an extension of time to file your Individual, Business, and Exempt Organization Income Tax Returns. The IRS doesn't require a reason to extend, and it's automatic!

*Please be aware that an extension of time to file your return does not extend your time to pay any taxes owed.*

IRS Tax Extension

Automatic Extensions for Individuals, Corporations, Partnerships, LLCs, Estates and Certain Trusts

If you are unable to file your Personal, Business, or Tax Exempt Tax Return by the original due date, you may be able to get an extension of time to file from the IRS. To get an extension, simply e-file Form 4868 (personal), 7004 (business), 8868 (tax exempt) or 8809 (information returns) with ExpressExtension, and you could get up to 6 more months to file your return. Keep in mind this only gives you more time to file, not pay any taxes owed. For more information, call 803.514.5155 or email

Three Ways to file your Tax Extension

You can use our desktop version of ExpressExtension to e-file tax extension Forms 7004, 4868, 8868 and 8809 & get an automatic tax extension in just a few minutes.

Start Return

Now you can e-file your Business, Personal & Exempt Tax Extensions with Form 7004, Form 4868 & Form 8868 from any location using our iPad & Android tablet apps.

Express 7004

Express 4868

Express 8868

E-file tax extension Form 4868 on your smartphone by downloading our app.

Just head over to ExpressExtension to get started from any mobile browser!