Does Oregon require a business tax extension?


No, the state of Oregon does not require a state-specific form. You can attach the copy of federal tax extension Form 7004 to obtain a state extension for business extensions. There is no separate extension request form for Oregon. The state of Oregon will grant an automatic 6-month extension, but any taxes must be paid on the original deadline.

What are the forms required to file business taxes with Oregon?


No specific form for applying Oregon state tax extension. If you have a valid Federal tax extension Form 7004, you will automatically receive a six months business income tax extension from the state of Oregon.

To request an Oregon-only tax extension, answer the first question on the Federal extension application (IRS Form 7004) and write “For Oregon Only” on the top of the form. When you file your Oregon tax return, make sure to include a copy of your extension request.

When is the due date to file business tax with Oregon?


Oregon business tax extension filing due by April 15, 2020 or by the 15th day of the 4th month following the end of the taxable year.

When is the business tax extended deadline with Oregon?


Oregon offers an automatic six month extension, the deadline is pushed to October 15th for calendar year filers.

What are the Payment options with Oregon?


If you owe Oregon state tax, your balance must be paid by the original due date, or penalties and interest will be charged. You can make an Oregon extension payment with Form OR-20-V, or pay electronically through Oregon’s Electronic Services center:

Where do I mail Oregon Form OR-20-V?


Mail Oregon Form OR-20-V with payment to the following address:

Oregon Department of Revenue,
P.O. Box 14950,
Salem, OR 97309-0950.

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