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IRS Form 8868

Exempt Organization Tax Extension Form 8868 is for nonprofits, charities, and other tax-exempt groups applying for an extension up to 6 months. IRS Form 8868 has two parts, and with ExpressExtension, you can e-file either one or both.

Part I: Automatic 3-Month Extension of Time
Automatically extends the filing deadline for 3 months or a full 6 months for organizations filing IRS Form 990-T

Part II: Additional (Not-Automatic) 3-Month Extension of Time
Increases your extended deadline for another 3 months with a valid reason and an approved Part I
You can also e-file Part II with our services even if you filed Part I with another provider.

What You Need To E-file IRS Form 8868

Gather your basic organization details that the IRS requires for you to file a Form 8868 - organization's name, address, EIN/Tax-ID, tax year period, and which 990 form you typically file. The information must match what the IRS already has on record for your exempt organization. You can verify your organization details which the IRS by calling 1-877-829-5500.

Steps To E-file Form 8868

Create your ExpressExtension account and click "Create Exempt Org Tax Extension" from your account Dashboard. With the information you have ready, our on-screen instructions guide you step by step to complete IRS Form 8868 online, and we'll do the rest. Make sure your information is correct and accurate - getting accepted the first time around is the goal!

What Happens When You E-file Form 8868 with ExpressExtension

Your IRS Form 8868 gets scanned for any minor mistakes and is transmitted safely through our secure e-filing network authorized by the IRS, so your information remains protected.

Depending on peak filing seasons, you could receive confirmation from the IRS relatively soon. You can also stay up to date with your filing status via our real-time email notifications. If your IRS Form 8868 gets rejected, we tell you exactly why and how to correct the issue so that you can retransmit for free. Stress-free e-filing at your fingertips - it doesn't get much easier than this!

  • You cannot use IRS Form 8868 to extend the due date of Form 990-N (e-Postcard).
  • IRS Form 8870 can not be e-file with either Part I or Part II; however, we can generate Form 8870 in your account for you to print, complete, and mail.

Prepare and e-file tax extensions in a matter of minutes. Our site is encrypted, safe, and secure. If you have any outstanding tax dues, you can pay them securely using our application. Your information only goes to the IRS and nowhere else!

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Exempt Extension: Form 8868

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