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State Personal Income
Tax Extension

Florida Requires:

  • The state of Florida is one of the states that doesn’t require income taxes from individuals.
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File Form 4868 and Extend your 1040 Deadline up to 6 Months.

  • File extension in few minutes
  • No explanation Required
  • Quick Processing
  • Instant IRS Approval

An Overview of Florida State Personal Income Tax Extension Forms

- Updated March 30, 2023 - 8.00 AM by Admin, ExpressExtension

The State of Florida does not have a state income tax. Therefore, individuals are not required to request an Florida personal income tax extension.

For additional information, including other taxes that may apply to you, please visit the Florida State Comptroller website

Even though the State of Florida does not require a personal income tax extension. The IRS still requires you to file Form 4868 for an additional 6-month automatic extension to file your 1040 personal income tax return.

Deadline to File Form 4868 with the
IRS - May 17.