Corporate Extension

Form 7004

Corporate tax extensions will give you 6 more months to file your IRS income taxes. Most corporations operate on the calendar tax year, which means the original filing deadline is March 16 and the extended tax deadline is September 15. is the best place to e-file a tax extension.We are the authorized IRS e-file provider, and our site is encrypted and secure.The sleek system is easy to navigate and simple to use. Unlike paper filing, you'll receive a confirmation of your extension approval from the IRS in a matter of hours when you use ExpressExtension.

The manner in which you can file a corporate tax extension may depend on where you live. Different countries and regions typically have different tax laws and procedures, and you will have to meet the requirements of the particular tax agency that governs your region. In most cases, however, filing a corporate tax extension involves filling out forms, providing a reason for the extension and submitting the form to the tax agency in question. In many places, however, you will also need to send a payment for your estimated taxes. If you do not send a payment by the date on which your taxes would normally be due or your estimated payment is far less than the amount you owe, you may face late fees and other penalties.

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