E-File Form 8868 in Minutes to Extend Your Form 990 Deadline

E-File IRS 2019 Extension Form 8868 Now!

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Form 8868: Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File an Exempt Organization Return

Form 8868 is the application used by charities, nonprofit groups, and other tax-exempt organizations to receive an automatic 6-month extension on their Form 990. Because this form is automatic, you don't have to provide the IRS a valid reason for needing an extension. Simply complete the IRS Form 8868 before the May 15th deadline or file 990, 990-EZ, & 990-PF with our sister product TaxBandits.

E-File Form 8868 With ExpressExtension

This is a safe and secure, IRS authorized site that has streamlined the e-filing process. Our step-by-step guide will help you to quickly e-file 8868 in a matter of minutes. There are error checks put into place to make sure that your form gets completed correctly. Then your extension will be approved almost instantly! As soon as your extension is approved you will be notified via email and you can relax with 6 extra months to file your form 990.

Form 8868 E-Filing Requirements

The e-filing process for IRS Form 8868 is simple. Just be sure to file by the May 15th deadline to have your extension approved. You will also need the following information: your organization's name, address, EIN/Tax-ID, tax year, and which 990 Form you usually file. It's important that this information matches with what the IRS has on file and you can verify it by calling the IRS directly at 1-877-829-5500.

How to E-file Form 8868

Step 1: Create your free account with ExpressExtension.
Step 2: Enter the basic information of yours and your exempt organization, such as organization's name, address, EIN/Tax-ID.
Step 3: Then select the tax year for your organization and what type of Form 990 you're applying for extension.
Step 4: Review your form summary to make sure you entered all of your information correctly. Then ExpressExtension will perform and audit check to scan your form for any errors. Click 'Edit' to make any corrections if necessary.
Step 5: Pay for your form and transmit it to the IRS.

Help Video: How to E-File Form 8868 with ExpressExtension?

This video serves as a helpful guide for e-filing 8868 and shows how easy ExpressExtension makes the e-filing process so you can instantly receive an automatic 6-month extension to file your 990.