E-File IRS Form 8868

The IRS Form 8868 - known as "Application for Extension of Time To File an Exempt Organization Return" - is a tax extension that grants nonprofits, charities, and other tax-exempt organizations up to 6 months of extra time to file their annual tax returns. The exempt organization extension typically has two parts. ExpressExtension allows you to e-file either one or both - you can even e-file the second part through us, even if you filed the first part with another provider.

  • Part I - Automatic 3-Month Extension of Time
  • You can get an extension automatically when you e-file IRS Form 8868 with ExpressExtension which extends the filing deadline for 3 months or the full 6 months for IRS Form 990-T.
  • Part II - Additional (Not Automatic) 3-Month Extension of Time
  • You can apply for an additional 3-month extension of time which is not automatic. You can only e-file Part II if the IRS already approved your Part I extension, and you have a valid explanation for needing additional time.

Form 8868 E-Filing Requirements

Collect the organization data the IRS requires for you to file the extension - organization name, address, Tax-ID/EIN, and tax year period. Make sure your information matches what the IRS has on record or verify your information with them by calling 1-800-829-4933.
Once you have your information ready, our on-screen directions will guide you through the e-filing process.

How Does ExpressExtension Work?

After you create an account with ExpressExtension, click on "Create Exempt Org Tax Extension" from the dashboard screen and the system will walk you through entering your information step by step. Our program will also automatically check your form for errors, and you can transmit to the IRS in just minutes. After sending your form, we will email you with your extension confirmation. If the IRS rejects your return for any reason, we will also send you an email identifying the issue. You can correct and re-transmit rejected returns with ExpressExtension at no additional charge.

Notes About E-filing IRS Form 8868:

  • You cannot e-file IRS Form 8868 to extend the deadline for IRS Form 990-N (e-Postcard)
  • IRS Form 8870 cannot be e-file with Part I or II; however, we can generate the form in your account to print, complete, and mail

Preparing and e-filing tax extensions can be done in a matter of minutes. Our site is encrypted, safe and secure. If you have outstanding tax dues, you can send them securely using our application. Your information goes to the IRS and nowhere else.

Help Video: E-file an Exempt Organizations Extension Form 8868 with ExpressExtension