An Overview of Georgia State Personal Income Tax Extension Forms

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Does Georgia support tax extension for personal income tax returns?


Yes. The state of Georgia requires individuals to file a Federal Form 4868 rather than requesting a separate state tax extension.

In case the federal tax extension Form 4868 was rejected, then the individuals can file State tax extension Form IT-303.

What Form does the state of Georgia require to apply for an extension?


Individuals in Georgia need to file Form IT-303 with the state to get a 6-month extension of time to file their personal income tax returns 500 with the state.

  • Form IT-303 - Request For Extension Of Time For Filing Individual Tax Returns

Note: Make sure to pay any taxes due along with the extension Form to avoid penalties and interest.

When is the deadline to file Form IT-303 with the state of Georgia?


Georgia State individual tax extension Form IT-303 must be filed on or before the 15th day of the 4th month after the tax year ends (April 15 for calendar year filers).

How do I pay my balance due along with the extension Form?


If you owe Georgia state taxes, you must pay your tax due by the regular due date, or you will be charged with penalties and interest.

Make a tax payment with your extension using Form IT-560 (Estimated Tax Declaration Voucher) and attach it to Form IT-303.

You can also pay the tax due online using or mailing your Form.

Mailing Address for filing Extension with the State


Where do I mail the extension Form IT-303?

Georgia Department of Revenue
Processing Center
PO Box 740320
Atlanta, GA 30374-0320

Where do I mail the payment Form IT-560?

Processing Center
Georgia Department of Revenue
PO Box 105 198
Atlanta, Georgia 30348-5198