Business Tax Extension Form 7004

Half a Year Can Make a Huge Difference in Any Business E-file Today for an Automatic Tax Extension of up to 6 Months

IRS Form 7004

Business Tax Extension Form 7004 must be filed by March 15, and once it is processed by the IRS, you will be granted an automatic 5 or 6 month tax extension depending on the business type. The IRS Form 7004, otherwise known as a Business Tax Extension can be used by Multi-Member LLCs, C-Corporations, S-Corporations, Partnerships, Trusts and Estates. Certain Partnerships, Trusts, and Estates are only able to apply for a 5 month tax extension; this is determined by which tax form they would be filing for their return. Business Extension Form 7004 is due by March 15 for tax year 2015.

You can extend your IRS income tax deadline using Express Extension by electronically filing IRS Business Tax Extension Form 7004. This will extend the filing deadline to either 5 or 6 months. You can get it done in a matter of minutes. Our site is encrypted, safe and secure. Your information goes to the IRS and that's it.

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What you'll need to do to File Form 7004?

Gather the business data the IRS requires for you to file a tax extension Form 7004: the business name, address and Tax-ID/EIN. Make sure your information matches what the IRS has on record. You can verify your information with them by calling 1-800-829-4933

Steps to E-File Form 7004

Create your Express Extension account and click Create New Extension on your account Dashboard. You'll need to estimate the total income tax payment for the filing year--if you owe money that is. This is generally a ballpark figure. Some customers simply assume a similar tax situation to the last year, but with the recent economic turbulence, that might not apply. Try to give as accurate an estimation as possible.

Once you've got your information and estimation in hand, simply follow the directions, fill out the Form 7004 online, and we'll do the rest. Make sure to type carefully and accurately--no sense in getting rejected over a typo!

With the Express 7004 App, e-file your business tax extension - Form 7004 is made quick and easy. Download the App Now!!

What we'll do when you E-File Form 7004?

First we'll check over your Form 7004, make sure it's clear of basic errors. After that, we'll submit your tax extension electronically to the IRS. We're an authorized IRS e-file provider and our site operates on a secure network, so your information is safe.

Depending on volume, you could hear back from the IRS in less than an hour. We'll keep you updated with any new information from the IRS via email. If your Form 7004 get rejected (not many do), we'll tell you why, and we'll help you sort out the problem. Then you can come back and resubmit, free. Don't let that worry you though, most requests come back approved. It's really that easy!
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Business Tax Extension: Form 7004

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E-File Form 7004


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